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MGM Polytechnic DTE code (2291); MSBTE code(1501); ISO 9001:2008 Certified; AICTE Approved. Affiliated to MSBTE Aurangabad, Maharashtra

As per Notification of AICTE dated 1-7-2009, we have constituted Anti Ragging Squad of MGM’s polytechnic as under:

  1. Mr. Manza H.T.(App. Science)
  2. Mrs. Rathi S.R.(CO)
  3. Mr. Siddhiqi Javed (ME)
  4. Ms. Dalvi Prerna(Rector, Girls Hostel)
  5. Mr. Zavheri Sadashiv (Rector, Boys Hostel)
  6. Mr. Khaire R.B.(CO)
  7. Mr. Rahimkhan Hameedkhan(Physical Director)